Fashion retailer Shein mocked for bizarre jeans

Budget-friendly fashion retailer Shein is in the spotlight once again for a questionable pair of cutout jeans advertised on its site.

Shein is an online retailer that manufactures clothes in China and ships items internationally for a low cost. Recently, the site posted a $25 pair of high-waisted jeans with an unusual cut-out that caught the attention of some shoppers.

The High Waist Cut Out Straight Leg Jeans look totally normal from behind and even have pockets in the front, but social media users were baffled by the lack of coverage in the crotch area.

“WHY SHEIN,” one person tweeted. “JUST WHY?”

“Shein is taking cut out jeans to a whole other level,” another added.

“I prefer this over low cut jeans,” someone joked.

Many Twitter users noted that they had recently seen Facebook ads with these specific jeans, and were baffled as to how they’d become a target demographic.

“I thought it was targeted and couldn’t work out how facebook thought that my recent purchases of a physics book and a hair clip would mean that I would be in the market for whatever these things are supposed to be,” one Twitter user wrote.

Shein, like Fashion Nova, is a fast-fashion company based solely online. The retailer launched in 2008 and started targeting Gen Z buyers with tons of Instagram and TikTok ads. It’s estimated that Shein adds hundreds of new products to its site every week.

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