Young boy gives away Happy Meal after customer is turned away from drive-thru

A young boy is going viral online after his mom shared the selfless thing he did for another family in the McDonald’s drive-thru.

Sheree Claire went to a McDonald’s in Leeds, England, with her mom and her 12-year-old son Niall. While she was there, she and her family witnessed another family attempt to order from the drive-thru without a car — but without a vehicle, the restaurant could not serve them.

“[McDonald’s refused to serve him as he didn’t have a car,” Claire wrote on Twitter. “He was still polite.”

When Claire saw what was happening, she “offered to get his son a happy meal,” but “McDonald’s refused to serve us,” she claimed. That’s when her son stepped in and saved the day.

“My son went over [and] gave his meal to the boy,” she said.

Speaking to The Sun, Claire explained that this isn’t the first selfless thing her son has done. He also recently sold his PlayStation just so he’d have money to buy his sister a Christmas present.

“At Christmas he sold his PlayStation and brought his sister, three, two presents so he is kind,” she said. “Obviously I’m proud of him because he didn’t have to do that and he has given up his meal for somebody else. And he knew that he wouldn’t get a meal — it’s not like he goes to McDonald’s often because I don’t have a car. He is a good boy.”

Many people praised young Niall on Twitter, noting that what he did was a “nice gesture.”

“God bless your son,” one person said. “What a lovely gesture.”

“That is dreadful,” another added. “Good on you & your son for doing this.”

McDonald’s caught wind of the viral thread, which prompted them to respond and explain that they “can’t serve customers on foot for safety.”

“On this occasion we offered to assist the customer at the front of the restaurant away from the drive-thru queue,” the company claimed. “We understand this wasn’t communicated to you properly so [apologize] for any confusion caused.”

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