‘She’s just not into you’: TikTokers are embracing an ultra-short song about rejection

If someone sends you this TikTok sound, dude, it’s time to fall back. 

The “she’s just not into you” sound has been used in over 381,000 videos. But the intentions behind the audio clip are pure. Created by the musician known as Brooksie Boi as a message to send to others, it’s clear that lots of TikTokers need to hear it. 

Where did the “she’s just not into you” sound come from? 

Musician Brooksie Boi has 569,000 followers on TikTok. He is known for using a vocoder to distort his voice to create shareable video messages. 

“Be brave and send this to the person you’re thinking about,” he says, before singing, “I like you. Think you like me too.” 

A vocoder analyzes and synthesizes the human voice. It was invented by Homer Dudley of Bell Labs in 1938. The original intention of the device was for secure radio communication. However, because it can synthesize human speech vocoders are also commonly used as musical instruments. Perhaps the most popular vocoder users are the electronic music group Daft Punk. 

So when Brooksie Boi advised sending the message, “Dude, she’s just not into you. Time to move on,” to anyone who needed to hear it, TikTok listened. 

Examples of the “She’s just not into you” TikTok trend

TikToker @cameronhillll used the sound to score their glow-up. 

“Because she’s into me,” @baldiebihs said as she transformed into a glammed-up version of herself. 

“Bro, why does she like you and not me? You dress like a girl,” @pjcooltomasi before putting on a crop top. 

Meanwhile, @lilxxxbug celebrated her eclectic personal style using the sound. 

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