Woman issues important safety warning after ‘terrifying’ park incident

Actress Shey Greyson is warning women to always be careful when walking alone — even in the daytime.

On March 12, the London denizen took to TikTok to share how a trip to the park with her dog resulted in a strange — and terrifying — encounter with a stranger.

At the time of the incident, Greyson was walking her dog in the park. Plenty of people were around and it was daytime, so she didn’t think she had any reason to be worried.

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As she was walking her dog, a man came up to her and asked if he could take a picture of her dog. “I figured he had no malicious intentions, so I said yes,” Greyson explained to BuzzFeed.

When the stranger bent down to take the picture, though, Greyson realized that he was holding up the dog’s collar, which contained personal information like her name, address and phone number.

“It hit me: My address is on that collar. He’s not taking a picture of my dog, he’s taking a picture of my address,” she said in the video.

When she realized what was happening, Greyson instructed the man to delete the photos. He did, but that wasn’t enough. When the man started to “walk away really fast,” Greyson chased him down and insisted that he also delete the photos from his “Recently Deleted” folder, which every iPhone has. At first he was stubborn and acted like he didn’t have such an album, but eventually he complied.

“My gut told me to keep insisting, so I told him that I would not stop or leave until he showed it to me,” Greyson told BuzzFeed. “He then agreed to show me the album, and as I suspected, the three pictures were still there. I then made him permanently delete them all.”

Greyson’s story has opened a lot of women’s eyes to the potential dangers of putting too much personal information on a dog collar. It has also sparked an important conversation about the constant state of fear women live in — and why that’s not OK.

“See the problem here? We can’t trust men to be regular people and not try to do the [worst],” one woman said. “I’d never consider that’s what someone would do.”

“The fact that girls have to be TAUGHT how to be safe when walking down the street is a scary problem,” another added.

“This needs to be seen,” a third said.

In light of the recent murder of 33-year-old Sarah Everard, women everywhere have grown increasingly fearful about venturing out alone. There are many apps you can download that will send out emergency signals and allow your friends to track your location, which you can learn more about here. Many women also note that they don’t go anywhere without pepper spray and won’t walk alone at night with headphones in so they can always stay vigilant.

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