Have $3.5 million? This shipping container house is right in your price range

Would you live in a shipping container house?

A better question: Do you have $3.5 million? That’s the price tag for the so-called “Starburst” house, which is going viral on social media for its mind-boggling shape.

The home, which hasn’t even been built yet, is drawing all kinds of attention thanks to its design. The London-based architects at Whitaker Studio modeled the house to look like an exploding star.

Credit: Whitaker Studio

There are all kinds of confounding details about the house, which, despite being unbuilt, is already available for purchase. For one, the 2,100-square-foot residence features no interior doors.

Credit: Whitaker Studio

The uber-modern design does have plenty of windows though, which, according to the property listing, is ideal for “stargazing, horses and those who seek tranquility for their spiritual, meditation or yoga practices.”

Stargazing opportunities are ideally endless given the home’s location: It’s set to be built less than one mile from California’s Joshua Tree National Park.

Credit: Whitaker Studio

There are three bedrooms in the house, plus a living room, a kitchen and a garage topped with solar panels. Of course, each room features its own unique view of the desert.

Credit: Whitaker Studio

The home was announced more than three years ago, according to Designboom, but it still remains purely conceptual (construction is set to finally start in 2021). That fact, and the steep price tag, has made the home a viral sensation.

Many social media users marveled at the shipping container house, while others seemed surprised by its popularity.

“$3.5 mil for some shipping containers,” one Twitter user wrote.

“What is that?” another added.

“How did I get in?” another user asked (and honestly, great question).

Of course, the shipping container house is just the latest high-priced home to go viral. Earlier this year, the internet had a field day when Ireland’s “most haunted” house went up for sale.

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