Shipwreck explorers get surprise visit from massive whale

Three scuba divers got a real treat only Mother Nature could deliver. 

During a diving trip in July 2018, Michael Lang and three friends were exploring Argentina’s Puerto Madryn. The three tourists were perusing a sunken vessel when a special visitor dropped by. 

“We were exploring a wreck when suddenly a whale appeared,” Lang told Newsflare. “It is a southern right whale, which they go regularly to those waters during the winter to mate and breed.” 

Footage shows the group examining a rusty old boat, but then one of the divers alerts the camera operator. He starts pointing up rapidly. When the camera pans toward the surface of the water, the giant whale’s silhouette is seen gliding above them. The swimmers throw their hands up in a cheering gesture. The once-in-a-lifetime moment was clearly very special. 

“It is strictly prohibited to dive with whales,” Lang said. “They are very protected in the country. But if you are diving and one happens to appear it’s OK as long as you don’t bother it in any way.”

Puerto Madryn is Argentina’s scuba diving capital. In the company of expert instructors, swimmers can explore shipwrecks that include six sunken buses, a 25-meter-long schooner and the Emma vessel, a ship used in a 1900 expedition to Antarctica. 

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