Delivery customer claims she got ‘catfished’ after ordering dinner online

A woman who says she ordered a “Shock’N Shrimp” dinner online claims she got plenty of shock but not very much shrimp.

The Chicago-based TikToker, who goes by the username @rainaltmodel, is currently going viral after claiming she received packaged, frozen food after ordering what was advertised as a hot meal from a local restaurant.

It’s an allegation that comes after several viral moments involving food delivery services. Earlier this summer, a delivery driver went viral after sharing his heartbreaking response to a $1 tip. A few months earlier, a TikToker drew praise after giving a huge tip to a delivery driver who crashed their car.

In this latest situation, it wasn’t the driver that drew attention — it was the food itself. As @rainaltmodel claimed in her video, she ordered a dish called “Shock’N Shrimp” from a local restaurant. The dish, @rainaltmodel said, was advertised as a vegan shrimp substitute.

“You guys, I just got catfished so hard by this freaking restaurant,” she said in the clip while showing a photo of the menu item. “It looks like a cooked meal, right?”


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“I want to emphasize that I ordered this from a restaurant,” @rainaltmodel added. “Not a grocery store but a restaurant.”

From there, @rainaltmodel revealed what she claims to have received instead — a box of frozen food, labeled with the name “Shock’N Shrimp.”

“Literally a box of frozen food,” she claimed. “When I say that it was frozen, I mean frozen.”

As it turns out, Shock’N Shrimp is a brand of frozen, vegan shrimp alternative snacks. According to Good2Go Veggie, the company that makes the product Shock’N Shrimp is sold in both restaurants and grocery stores.

However, @rainaltmodel’s issue was that the product was allegedly marketed as a cooked meal online. She did not name the restaurant she ordered from, nor the food delivery app she used.

This isn’t the first time TikTokers have shared their confusion around a food delivery service. In the past, users on the app have frequently discussed “ghost kitchens,” which are delivery-only restaurants often based out of other restaurants. Other times, users have debated who’s to blame when delivery drivers get low tips.

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