New Yorker stuns TikTokers with video of city’s ‘shortest’ street

A New Yorker is going viral after revealing the apparent “shortest street in NYC.”

The tour of Edgar Street, which is, by most measures, New York City’s tiniest road, comes courtesy of user Dan Bravo @dan.bravo.

His video is just the latest viral TikTok to explore wild, little-known facts about the nation’s biggest city. In another recent clip, a TikToker explained why there are “fake” subway sounds coming from underneath Times Square. Before that, a user shared a system of “secret codes” that can help visitors navigate Central Park.

Bravo’s clip, meanwhile, is fittingly brief. In it, he briefly explains what makes Edgar Street so bizarre.

As Bravo says in the video, Edgar Street is little more than a stretch of road leading toward a parking garage. It measures just 63 feet long.

“There are no addresses on it,” Bravo adds.

There’s some contention about Edgar Street’s status as the “shortest street in NYC,” however. While most property databases and news outlets consider it the city’s smallest road, some claim that Mill Lane, located just a few blocks away, actually holds the title.

Either way, TikTokers were stunned that a street like this even existed.

“Bruh,” one user wrote.

“I have an extension cord longer than that road,” another joked.

“Where is it located?” another asked.

For those looking to explore for themselves, Edgar Street is located off Trinity Place in Lower Manhattan, just a block away from the New York Stock Exchange. Also, as Bravo was sure to point out, there’s a TGI Fridays just across the street.

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