Food blogger shares TikTok breaking down the ‘science’ behind baking cookies

Should you cool cookie dough before baking it? It’s a common question that many home chefs have probably asked themselves.

But now, a viral TikTok is injecting a little “science” into that debate. It’s all thanks to food blogger Sarah Crawford (@bromabakery).

Crawford, who has more than 100,000 followers on TikTok, posted a clip breaking down how different baking practices affect the quality of your cookies.


cookie science 👩‍🔬🔬 #cookiedough #bakersoftiktok chocolatechipcookies. (inspired by @Tastemade’s recent cookie vid!)

♬ original sound – Sarah Crawford

Her clip shows six cookies on a baking sheet, all made from the same recipe. However, the difference is how long each cookie was chilled beforehand.

“This is the same batch of cookie dough,” Crawford says in the clip. “But look how much chill time and temperature can change the look of your cookie.”

She proceeds to break open each cookie and explain what makes it different. For example, the unchilled dough will make the cookies more “crackly” since the dough hasn’t had time to sit and absorb the flour.

Meanwhile, dough chilled for two full hours will have a chewier inside and spread apart when opened. That’s because the flour has a chance to mix thoroughly with the dough.

TikTok users praised the video and Crawford’s explanation.

“This changes everything,” one user wrote.

“Always chill the dough,” another wrote.

“I’m gonna stop chilling my dough. The first one is my type of cookie,” another argued.

Ultimately, the “perfect” cookie is whatever version you like best. But now, thanks to Crawford, we all have the tools to figure that out.

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