Woman horrified after washing her hairbrushes for the first time: ‘This is disgusting’

A viral TikTok has some people rethinking their hairbrush hygiene. 

TikToker @everything_tidy tested out a theory she learned from another video. Apparently, if you’ve got greasy or oily hair, your hair may not be the problem. The issue might be with your hairbrush. One way to find out is by thoroughly cleaning it, according to the user. 

“I watched a video last week,” she explained. “And it was a lady and she said that maybe the main reason why your hair is getting greasy or oily quickly isn’t, in fact, because of your hair follicles. And it is, in fact, because of your brush.” 

She gathered all of her hairbrushes and put them in the sink. She soaked them in water and shampoo for about an hour. When she checked the water, she was horrified: It was brown and murky. 

“Oh my god! That’s disgusting,” she said. “Ladies, don’t forget to wash your hairbrushes. I didn’t even know that was a thing.”

The video racked up 3.9 million views on TikTok. Some people were as surprised as she was, while others had been washing their hairbrushes all along.

“Oh my god, I’m buying a new hairbrush and starting from scratch,” someone commented

“Been doing this since I was young. Pillows, duvet, hairbrushes and mattress all get a regular once-over,” another said

“Oh god, time to wash my hairbrush,” a user wrote

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Woman horrified after washing her hairbrushes for the first time: 'This is disgusting'

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