Real estate agent shows off $2,200-a-month NYC apartment with ‘god awful’ layout

Fairly often, TikTok will be speechless over New York City apartment options — and this real estate agent’s video tour on TikTok is no different.

From “the worst apartment ever” in the West Village to a 500-square-foot studio that’s basically just a closet, TikTokers feel a level of smugness over New York City housing.

In a recent video, real estate agent Claudia Degteva showed off a New York apartment with a shower in the living room. The location isn’t specified, and the rent is $2,200 per month.

“Would you?” Degteva asked in the caption.

The bathroom amenities seem fully spread out throughout the place — with the toilet in its own room toward the front door, a sink and mirror in the kitchen and, finally, the shower in the living room.

“New York can’t keep getting away with these god-awful apartment layouts,” one commenter lamented. “Were the architects drunk?”

“Every single time I see a post like this, it makes me never want to live in NYC,” another agreed.

“How do these places even exist???” someone asked.

There’s actually a reason why a lot of old New York apartments have unusual layouts. Legislation from the early 20th century mandated New York City residents must have a sink and a bathtub for sanitary reasons. If a unit hasn’t been renovated since the early 1900s, it’s likely that pipes and plumbing haven’t been altered either, which means tubs and showers can commonly be found in the kitchen or living room.

Used to city’s living conditions, New Yorkers on TikTok found silver linings in the apartment Degteva featured.

“The fact that I saw this and thought, ‘That looks like a good deal,'” a commenter said.

“This place is actually huge,” one person pointed out.

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