TikToker catches news station employee seemingly watching ‘Shrek’ in background of live broadcast

An eagle-eyed TikToker says they spotted something interesting in the background of a recent televised newscast: an employee who appears to be watching the animated movie Shrek at their desk.

Aside from being an unexpected sight at an office, the juxtaposition of the employee’s screen with the news that the reporter is delivering live on camera is so at odds that the whole thing becomes hilariously awkward.

Because while the mystery employee appears to be very invested in the story of the ogre, the news anchor in the foreground is updating viewers on the desperate search for a missing woman.

The TikTok was recently shared by Alex Goodman (@goodie0414) and has already received 1.3 million views.

“Old mate got a little distracted,” Goodman captioned the post. “Hope the woman is found tho.”

In the comments, people couldn’t stop laughing at the hilarity of it all.

“Someone was bored at his work,” one person quipped.

“me if I worked at the news,” another person added.

“The fact he moved aside made it even funnier,” said someone else.

At least one person claimed this wouldn’t end well, writing, “someones getting fired.”

But others actually looked to the mystery employee as something of a living legend.

“Bro is living the dream,” one person declared, while another called him a “man of culture.”

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