Shroud is coming back to Twitch

It’s official: Livestreamer and clutch king Michael “Shroud” Grzesiak is returning to Twitch.

In October 2019, Shroud left his 7 millions followers on Twitch to stream exclusively for Mixer and was part of the wave of Twitch streamers who left the platform and signed contracts with Facebook Gaming, Caffeine, YouTube and others. He spent some time as a free agent after the Microsoft-owned service Mixer was dissolved and merged with Facebook Gaming, but on August 11, the streamer announced that he is “coming home.”

Shroud’s announcement comes shortly after Tyler “Ninja” Blevins made his own epic return to Twitch. Fans have already begun camping out in Shroud’s channel, hyping each other up and sending the streamer donations and subscriptions before he’s even gone live.

Fellow streamers such as Timothy “TimTheTatman” Bethar and Hammoudi “Yassuo” Abdalrhman have also warmly welcomed Shroud back onto the platform.

Prior to leaving for Mixer, Shroud was one of the biggest personalities on Twitch. The former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro gained a massive following for his exceptional aim, threat awareness and cool under pressure. Clips of his plays made regular appearances on weekly YouTube highlight reels and viral Reddit threads.

Shroud confirmed he’ll be streaming on Twitch again on August 12 at 2 p.m. EST / 11 a.m. PST.

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