Siblings draw attention for their 100 days of chalk art

Macaire and Camden Everett became artists to make the best out of a bad situation. 

The 14-year-old girl and her little brother are using their quarantine time to make art every day for 100 days. Chalk art is their medium and judging by their works on @macairesmuse, they’ve gotten very good at it. 

While Macaire spearheads the project Camden helps her make the artwork and is her model. In one photo, the pair created a diner scene with stools and a counter with a milkshake. Camden lays on the ground so that it appears he is sitting on one of the seats. 

“A lot of it comes from things we want to do and places we want to go after this is all over. So surfing is something Cam has always wanted to try when we go on spring break,” Macaire told WGN9 of their inspiration. 

Another creation depicts the Great Wall of China from the perspective of Camden standing atop it. While chalk art from May shows a UFO with a three-eyed alien abducting Camden at Area 51.

“That is really neat how she incorporated Cam into the pictures,” their father Matt Everett told WGN9. “And it turned into one then another and another and they just keep getting better and better and sometimes we’re racing the weather and sometimes she’ll spend hours creating the scene.”

Macaire, an eighth-grader, isn’t bothered by the fact that her art is only temporary. It just means she gets to make something new. 

“It is definitely their ideas, their work, their creativity,” the father said. “We’re just trying to supply the enthusiasm behind it and the chalk and the driveway cleaning.” 

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