Simple sidewalk chalk obstacle course is the perfect activity for bored toddlers

Looking for ways to entertain your toddler? This TikToker shared her brilliantly simple toddler activity and all you need to make it is a bit of sidewalk chalk!

Ms. Terrie (@theknownanny) is a TikToker and nanny who shares childcare tips along with videos of the adorable kids she nannies. In a recent video, Ms. Terrie shared a simple activity that’s sure to be a hit with toddlers and is perfect for sunny days. The activity combines elements of hopscotch and an obstacle course, and best of all, the only material needed for the activity is a piece of chalk!

The video begins with a shot of the toddler Ms. Terrie nannies standing in a driveway wearing a red jacket and hat. The word “start” is written in capital letters on the ground in blue sidewalk chalk. In front of the starting point, pink chalk arrows lead down the driveway. The toddler stands on the chalked “start” area and waits for Ms. Terrie to let him begin the course. 

A caption reads, “Got a bored toddler? This works every time!” 

Ms. Terrie yells, “Start!” and the toddler jumps into action, following the pink arrows down the driveway. When he arrives at a circle labeled “dance,” Ms. Terrie yells, “Dance!”

The toddler stops and does a little dance, then follows more arrows until he arrives at another circle. “Clap 3 times!” Ms. Terrie yells, and the toddler claps then continues following the arrows. 

He makes his way to other circles marked “twirl,” “jump,” and “wiggle.” Finally, the toddler reaches a circle marked, “run.” “Run!” Ms. Terrie instructs the toddler, who immediately begins running. 

The video ends as the toddler runs to the end of the course, yelling joyfully as he does so. 

Viewers applauded Ms. Terrie’s fun and creative outdoor toddler activity—as well as the adorable toddler who demonstrated it. 

“That wiggle! Awe!” wrote one TikToker. 

“My dad used to do this with the dead end street and my bike! OMG, you unlocked a core memory!” another TikToker recalled. 

“Love it! Once my little one can jump and listen to commands, I am so going to do this,” applauded one TikTok parent. 

Ms. Terrie’s obstacle course isn’t just fun and creative. It’s also easily customizable and can be designed with any activities your toddler enjoys!   

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