Who is Sienna Mae Gomez? The TikTok star went viral for her body acceptance posts

Sienna Mae Gomez might be TikTok’s next big thing — and the 17-year-old is all about body acceptance.

Gomez’s claims to fame are her bubbly, body-positive dance videos and duets. She has 14 million TikTok followers and 1.6 million Instagram followers. 

Recently, allegations that she sexually assaulted a fellow Hype House member have called her reputation into question.

How old is Sienna Mae Gomez?

Gomez was born in Laguna Niguel, Calif. on Jan. 16, 2004. Gomez has a dad and a brother, Jacub who’s a photographer, who have both been featured on her Instagram. She also went to high school with the popular TikTokers Jack and James Wright. 

She’s known for her posts about body acceptance.

Gomez tends to post videos that celebrate her body while also highlighting that people’s appearances can sometimes be the result of editing, camera tricks and other illusions. Plus, she’ll even send you tips on confidence if you DM her

Her first video, posted on Aug. 16, 2020, of her dancing to “WAP” in a crop top went viral, catapulting her into internet fame. Gomez earned over 7.7. million followers in three months

But what resonated with her followers was how carefree she was, dancing in the kitchen with her belly out. 

“This is such an amazing thing to be representing because there are so many women that are part of this movement, not just me, and I’m honored to be part of it. Being so young, obviously, I am still learning and growing and I feel like I get to use this experience to become the young woman I always wanted to be.” Gomez told Buzzfeed

Sienna was rumored to be in a relationship with influencer Jack Wright.

Gomez was rumored to be dating TikToker Jack Wright. The two met in high school and followers often speculate they were a couple.  They’ve never officially confirmed the relationship, but constantly shared romantic TikToks together.

She’s known for her ‘squirrel dance’ and calls her fans ‘lil acorns.’


Reply to @pdf…file lil acorns asked… lil acorns shall receive

♬ original sound – mari <3

The 16-year-old is also known as the “CEO of the squirrel dance” thanks to a video of a squirrel-like dance move she did with her hands that has since become an inside joke.

Gomez’s fans even post videos of themselves doing it. There’s even squirrel merch

Gomez released controversial merch in February 2021

The TikTok star responded to fan concerns after they claimed that her new line of sweatshirts, which say “have you eaten today,” could be harmful to people with eating disorders.

One Instagram user accused her of “taking people’s genuine struggles and sticking it on fabric for profit.”

“It feels like she’s glorifying eating disorders by making money off of an illness,” another said.

Gomez took to TikTok to address the controversy.

Instead of doubling down on her earlier defense that the merch was intended to encourage “expressing compassion and care for those who are seriously struggling,” Gomez said she was pulling the line and donating what proceeds she already made to Teen Line, a non-profit that provides emotional support to young people, along with an additional $25,000 donation.

“I’ve heard the messages from many of you and I’m deeply sorry for any offense caused. I am still and I am still navigating this world and this industry and obviously I will not always get it right the first time,” she said. “I care about you, and thank you for speaking up. Be kind to someone today.

Gomez has been accused of sexual assault

The TikToker responded to allegations she sexually assaulted Jack Wright after a friend of the Hype House member and his brother posted accusations on Twitter.

“I unequivocally deny the allegations that I sexually assaulted Jack Wright,” she said in the video. “My name is being dragged in the mud, and I am going to stand up for myself and tell the truth. I have nothing to apologize for.”

“It feels really uncomfortable having to disclose this part of my life to the internet, especially because I am a 17-year-old girl,” she said. “For so long, I was strung along and misled by Jack… It’s honestly really embarrassing for me because I gave my entire heart and all my love for nine months so vulnerably on the internet, and everyone can go and look at these videos and see how invested I was in our relationship.”

She went on to say that when the cameras weren’t rolling, she “wasn’t important to him,” implying that he was using their relationship to increase his popularity on TikTok.

“I’ve seen numerous arguments asking, ‘Why lie about sexual assault?’ And this isn’t a lie. But it wasn’t me who sexually assaulted him,” she said, then apologized for making that information public. “We both know what happened, we both know who it was, and we both know that I was not at that gathering that night.

She did not elaborate any further about the apparent incident.

Later that day, Wright responded to her on Instagram.

“Sexual assault is a serious matter that has real consequences. Mason and James’ only intention was to protect me with the truth, and I really value their enormous support through this extremely difficult time,” Jack wrote. “I truly encourage my childhood friend Sienna to get the support and help that she needs. I don’t want to tear anyone down and only wish healing for everyone involved.”

Commenters on all sides of the allegations have expressed confusion, but as both parties reiterate that they hope to settle this offline, it’s not clear when or if we’ll receive more information.

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