Woman exposes boyfriend’s calculated plan to cheat on her with other girls

Nobody ever wants to admit it in the moment, but there are usually ways to tell that a relationship is over before it actually ends. Sometimes these indicators are a bit more subtle — and other times, they’re as flagrant as one partner making a dating profile behind the other’s back.

Recently, TikTok user and BuzzFeed video producer Megan Boykoff decided to ask her followers about the moment they knew their relationship was over. She then shared her own story about the moment she knew hers was over: when she “started drafting a text in my Notes app.” (We’ve all been there, Megan.)

In the comments, many users shared the small things that made them realize their relationships were over.

“I realized I didn’t want my future kids to be like him,” one person said.

“I missed him but he was sitting right next to me,” another revealed. “He wasn’t who I fell in love with anymore.”

“I started daydreaming about being with someone that I deserved,” a third wrote.

Other people stitched Boykoff’s video to talk about what led to the demise of their relationships.


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One user who goes by @brooke_abroad had a particularly troubling story about catching her ex-boyfriend in a heinous lie.

“I questioned him why there was an urn in our living room and later found out it was so he could cheat on me and tell people that’s the reason there’s still pictures of me up in our house and why there’s womanly decor,” she divulged.

Naturally, people were shocked.

“This is next level,” one user said.

“Was I the only one who actually gasped at this?” another added.


#stitch with @megan_boykoff and that’s that on that #goodriddance #fyp #breakup

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Another user, @goaskalex, shared that she knew her relationship was over when her partner of five years was more worried about getting to work on time than her dangerous surgical procedure — and actually yelled at her about it.

“I had to go to the hospital for an operation,” she explained. “I told my partner months in advance. […] But when they started their new job, [my partner] didn’t tell their boss that they needed the morning off to get me to the hospital.”

“By the time we get to the hospital, he realizes he’s gonna be late for work … and starts yelling at me,” she continued. “I’m already on painkillers about to get surgery and he’s yelling at me about how I’m gonna make him late for work and he’s gonna leave […] It was humiliating. I was sobbing in front of all the nurses.”

“100 percent glad he’s your ex,” one person said.

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