TikTokers are embracing their silly side using vintage audio from 2016

A TikTok trend spreading life’s silliest moments is all the rage this week on social media.

Where did the “silly goofy mood” TikTok trend come from?

In the viral audio, actor Shemar Moore said, “Oh Lord, um, I’m sorry. I’m just in a silly goofy mood.” His lighthearted demeanor has the rest of TikTok, well, in a pretty silly, goofy mood.

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The original TikTok came from user @josiesire, who made a joke about Vampire Diaries in the text over the video. Commenters immediately asked them to upload it without the caption so they could share it.

The video, on the other hand, came from a social media post that Moore shared nearly five years ago.

“Just giggling n feeling goofy,” Moore wrote. In the original clip, he just made a series of silly voices and laughed, apologizing to his fans that he had been away from social media for a while.

He went on to promote his clothing line, which is called Baby Girl. The line’s namesake is also the nickname his character on Criminal Minds gave another character on the show.

“Thank you for helping us keep the FIGHT for the CURE of MS ALIVE!!!” the official website for Baby Girl said. “Part of the proceeds from Baby Girl are donated to the National MS Society to aid in MS research. Stay SILLY n SEXY!!!”

Examples of the “silly goofy mood” TikTok trend

TikTokers are, predictably, using the audio to poke fun at silly thoughts they’ve had in the past.

One user shared a highly relatable switch-up she pulls when she’s feeling funny.

“When u decided to sleep at the foot of ur bed instead of the normal way,” @emilyohshoot said in her post.

Another shared a prank she one day wants to play on someone.

“When a customer says give me a surprise drink, and you hand them a black coffee LMAO,” @vocebaskka, who appears to be a Starbucks employee, wrote.



♬ original sound – lizzie

User @howdyhowdyyall1 shared a moment that might be a bit serious, but she laughed it off anyway.

“POV: Someone walks in on me sitting in my bathtub at 3 a.m. fully clothed,” she wrote.

Embrace that silly goofy mood, whether it’s a cover-up for emotional turmoil or not.

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