Why does TikTok hate the animated elephant from ‘Sing’?

TikTok is irrationally hating on a children’s cartoon. And the memes are epic. 

It seemed like not too long ago no kid’s character inspired as much inexplicable fury as Sesame Street’s resident pet rock Rocco (just ask Elmo). But people have since moved on to roasting Meena, a bashful singing elephant from the animated film series Sing. 

It’s hard to explain why people dislike Meena (voiced by Tori Kelly), who was stricken with stage fright throughout the first film. The elephant finally got her time to shine in the spotlight when she sang for her grandpa on his birthday. Apparently, the moment from the 2016 movie has inspired utter disgust in TikTokers

“She was mad extra for singing ‘Happy Birthday’ like that,” @randyfanboy wrote in a caption. “Like shut up, it’s literally a birthday song.” 

People seem to think Meena is the kind of character who pretends to be humble about her talents as a way of getting attention. 

“She really tried making it about herself. Like her grandpa is literally dying,” a user commented

“Then she had the AUDACITY to act all shy,” another said

“She really wants to be the main character so bad,” someone wrote

The sound has been used in over 17,000 videos. All of which seem to smear Meena’s reputation and take her down a peg. 

TikToker @bakingthursdays baked an elaborate Meena cake only to cut its head off and crush it

The user @wondrkiwi put Meena in a blender and well, blended her, saying, “This is a Meena hate club.” 

Another creator, @_sam_bowles, drew detailed chalk art of Meena, only to instantly wash her away. 

Meanwhile, @iveg0tchampagneproblems recreated the scene with her friends to shame this kind of behavior. 

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