Singer Cassie chats with Hannah Bronfman about being pregnant during the pandemic

In this five-part series, wellness entrepreneur and new mom Hannah Bronfman speaks with other moms and experts about all the life-changing topics that come with motherhood — from pregnancy and postpartum health to balancing mom life and a career.

For first-time mom Hannah Bronfman, who gave birth to son Preston last fall, living pregnancy life during a pandemic was the only kind of pregnancy she knew.

“I found out I was pregnant on March 5th of 2020,” she revealed to singer Cassie in her latest installment of Baby Banter. The next week, the whole country went into lockdown, and cocooning at home suddenly topped everyone’s upended to-do list.

Not so for Cassie, who gave birth to her second daughter, Sunny, a mere four weeks ago. While Cassie’s second pregnancy surprised her during the pandemic, the singer had her first one to compare it to. And to say they were different is an understatement.

“I went into labor — it was on a Tuesday — and I didn’t have her until Friday,” the Los Angeles-based singer said about the birth of her first daughter, Frankie, who’s almost 16 months old. Explaining that her doctor broke her water early, making Cassie worry about a dry birth, she also added that she was just in a lot of pain from the grueling experience that eventually ended in an emergency C-section.

“It was a blur, but I just know that it was not supposed to happen that way,” she said.

‘Let me do what’s right for me’

For Sunny, it was different. This time, she made a plan instead of going with the flow.

“I was going to do a VBAC [vaginal birth after cesarean]. I was really committed to it and then got super-stressed halfway through pregnancy, and I was just like, ‘I don’t want to go through that again. It came back, tenfold — the feelings about it — so I was like, ‘Let me do what’s right for me.'”

Cassie opted to have the second C-section and not worry about repeating her first birthing experience. While Cassie’s husband, fitness trainer Alex Fine, wasn’t able to go to all the appointments because of the pandemic rules, Sunny’s birth turned out to be way less stressful for the family.

“He had to trust everything that I was doing just on my own,” Cassie shared. But, she added, “it kind of made the pregnancy more about creating this close relationship with just me and Sunny.”

Now at home, with two kids under 2 years old, Cassie and Alex have a lot on their plate.

“I feel like two under 2 is not for the faint of heart,” Bronfman said, asking if Cassie’s second pregnancy was planned.

“It definitely was not planned,” Cassie said, laughing. “But, at the same time, I’ve really settled into the idea that it’s nice that I’m having two close together. They’re both girls. They’re going to grow up together. It’s just really, really convenient.”

With two kids in diapers, she added, “I’m really hoping that we knock out potty-training around the same time.”

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