Single mom, D1 college athlete reveals what a day in her life looks like

A Division 1 (D1) college athlete and single mom is showing how she does it all. 

TikToker @kenn.a.kelley runs track at North Dakota State University. The mom racked up 3 million views when she revealed what a day in her (jam-packed) life was like. She has to balance childcare, school and training all in a single day. It’s no surprise people praised the mom for how well she juggled so many responsibilities. 


A day in the life of a D1 student-athlete single mom. 🤯 #ndsu #fy

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“Day in the life of D1 student-athlete single mom,” the video text read

The mom woke up early and got ready. Then she made her son breakfast. He was dealing with an ear infection, so she spent some bonding time with him before dropping him off for daycare. 

Next up, it was time to train. The mom ran hills, did some lifting and got an ice bath. It was also “media day,” which meant she had to pick up her son from daycare, get primped and do a photo shoot with the baby boy

When they got home, they ate dinner, she gave him a bath and rocked him to bed. The mom’s day wasn’t over yet; she still had to shower and get homework done before falling asleep on the couch. 

“He’s so cute, good job mom!” a user wrote

“Hats off to you being and doing all that! You’re amazing!” another commented

“You go mama! Keep pushing and don’t let anything stop you from your dreams,” another said

“Finally someone I can relate to! Single mom sophomore year cheer/dance team. It’s a wild ride but I love it,” a TikToker replied

“I was a single mom D2 athlete at Umary (track, xc) in college… 14 years ago. My baby is in high school now. You got this mama!” someone added.

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