Single mom spends 5 days transforming toddler’s bedroom into ‘duck wonderland’

A mom went above and beyond to transform her daughter’s bedroom into a “duck wonderland.” 

TikTok mom Amy gave her toddler Riley an unforgettable bedroom makeover. Nobody gets obsessed with their favorite thing quite like a kid, and Riley loves yellow ducks. Amy decided to give Riley’s bedroom a thorough DIY treatment to surprise the little girl. 

“I spent five days turning my toddler’s plain white bedroom into a yellow duck wonderland,” the mother said. “I was so excited to be creating her dream bedroom. It was so yellow, but I knew how much she would love it. 

Amy painted the bedroom walls yellow. She built Riley her first big girl bed, an entire shelving system for her duck collection and created a small duck nook with a canopy. The mom even made duck cushions by hand, using fabric and stuffing she bought. 

“I had no idea what I was doing, but they turned out so cute,” Amy said of the cushions. 

To finish things off, Amy purchased dozens of different rubber ducks to create Riley’s “dream display.” She really went all out on this one. 

“Adding all of the finishing touches and seeing it all come together was so emotional as I knew how happy she would be,” she said

When Riley saw the room (while wearing a duck onesie), she squealed with excitement. The toddler chanted happily, “Duck gets a duck room.” 

The touching room makeover received over 14.5 million views on TikTok.

“This will be a core memory,” a user commented

“When Riley is older, she will realize how much of a good mom she has,” another said

“The serotonin boost this gave me,” someone wrote

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