Single mom shares about first time she got food stamps to feed her kids: ‘Whatever you can carry in your arms’

Single mom Jen Seidel’s (@jenseidel) story about telling her kids that they were approved for food stamps has viewers reaching for the tissues.

You may know Seidel from her work as a talented professional body painter. But while Seidel has found success through the art and content she creates, life hasn’t always been easy. 

Seidel recently sat down for an interview with Devorah Roloff for the podcast We’re All Insane. In a clip featured on the podcast’s TikTok account (@wereallinsane), Seidel recalled the time she told her kids that they had been approved for food stamps. Viewers are still drying their eyes over her touching story.

“We would go to the dollar store for food, and I would give each kid $2 and say, ‘You can buy whatever you want with your two dollars.’ And we’d leave with $10 worth of food from the dollar store because that’s what we could afford,” Seidel says.

Seidel goes on to share that she would routinely apply for food stamps. When she finally received her approval in the mail, she couldn’t wait to tell her kids that they had $550 to spend on food.

After sharing the news, Seidel says she “went upscale” and took them to Giant Food grocery store instead of their usual dollar store.

“I told each kid, ‘Whatever you can carry in your arms, you can throw into the cart,’” Seidel says. She then describes the hilarious visual of her small children trying to cram as many things as possible in their tiny arms. 

The mini Supermarket Sweep had Seidel’s children so excited that she didn’t care if they spent the entire $550 in one place.

“I just wanted them to feel like they could have whatever they wanted because we struggled for so long without [the food stamps],” Seidel shares.

“I’m so happy I pay taxes for this.”

The touching clip had viewers tearing up all over TikTok. Many were quick to note how essential and life-changing programs such as food stamps are for people. 

“I was on food stamps for so long. The day I could call and say that I no longer needed them, I cried. I’m so happy I pay taxes for this,” one user shared. 

“That relief and excitement when midnight hit can’t compare to anything else, knowing it’s going to be okay for a little bit,” mentioned one TikToker.

“So many people complain about others getting food stamps. Having food security as a child can really change them,” one viewer commented.

Sometimes the things that many take for granted are life-changing for others.

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