Single mom ‘speaks’ to her 22-year-old self in emotional TikTok

This TikTok parent shared the advice she wishes she could have given her younger self when she first became a single mom, and it’s so profound!

Tondi Wiley (@tonditheartist) is an artist and TikToker who became a single parent at the age of 22. Tondi recently shared an emotional video revealing the conversation she wishes she could have with her younger self. The emotional video, which had TikTokers tearing up, serves as an important reminder of how important it is to be kind to yourself!

The video begins with Tondi sitting on her bed, holding her pregnant stomach. A caption reads, “22-year-old me.” Tondi looks past the camera, a wistful expression on her face, and asks in a written caption, “So, how does this all turn out?”

In the next shot, Tondi is shown from a different angle, with a caption that reads, “33-year-old me.” Present day Tondi responds, “You have a healthy baby boy.”

“Oh thank god,” replies 22-year-old Tondi, looking exhausted as she rubs her pregnant stomach. “I’m never doing this again.”

33-year-old Tondi reappears, smiling knowingly. “But you will,” she responds. “You actually have 2 more healthy baby boys really soon.”

Next, 22-year-old Tondi reappears. She looks upset and appears to be on the verge of tears. “What about the fathers?” she asks. 

“You have to learn some really hard lessons,” 33-year-old Tondi responds, as a few tears fall from her eyes. 

22-year-old Tondi starts to cry as well, as she asks, “Do I ever heal?”

“More and more every day,” 33-year-old Tondi responds, reassuringly. 

The next shot shows 22-year-old Tondi again, but instead of responding to her future self, she looks down and touches her stomach. She seems to be trying to process all of this new information. 

Then, 33-year-old Tondi reappears. “Hey… Can you do me a favor though?” she asks her younger self. 

“Yeah, sure,” says 22-year-old Tondi. 

“Can you be nicer to me?” 33-year-old Tondi asks. 

The video ends as 22-year-old Tondi nods gravely. She stops crying and a look of strength appears on her face. 

Viewers were moved by Tondi’s video and expressed appreciation for her important message of self-kindness. 

“I love the ending. Be nicer to me,” responded one TikToker. 

“Whew child, I wasn’t ready for the ‘be nicer to me’ part,” wrote another commenter. 

“If the older us could have conversations with the younger us, so much pain could be avoided by so many of us,” another TikToker speculated. 

While we can’t have conversations with our past selves, Tondi’s video still reveals an important lesson. You might not be able to change the past, but you can still try to be nice to yourself in the present!

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