This bizarre ‘sink reviews’ account is taking over TikTok

A sink reviews account has taken over TikTok — and it’s wild. 

The account @sinkreviews is run by a mysterious user who travels around New York City reviewing sinks at various locations in great detail. There’s even a rating system of one to five sinks. 

Nothing is too absurd for TikTok, though, and @sinkreviews has a rabid following with 463.8,000 followers. There’s even merch

In fact, @sinkreviews fits comfortably in Alt-TikTok, the part of TikTok that isn’t so mainstream where irony, absurdity and art thrive. 

Take this review of the sink at the Standard Hotel

“Using this sink feels like an event, with a sensual water flow and a temperature knob that glides like ice, I can easily forgive the faucets for being a touch closer to the basin than I’d like,” the voice-over said. 

Things can also get a bit surreal when you enter “sink-tok.” 

The user’s review of the sink at the Red Lobster in Times Square appears to be a fan favorite. It was quite critical of the faucets at the establishment, many of which did not have running water. 

“There was no water to be had,” the voice-over said. “Shows a total disregard of the sink public. Honestly, people deserve better than this. I give it one sink.” 

“Sink TikTok, OK I’m in,” one user commented.

“Thank you for bringing this wisdom to the people,” another wrote

But @sinkreviews isn’t hard on every sink. For example, the sink at Aesop in Manhattan was blessed with a rating of five sinks and described as simply “stunning.” 

“What a truly impeccable feat of engineering,” someone said

“This is gorgeous,” a person wrote

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