Woman blows up at sister over her ‘manipulative’ babysitting request: ‘We haven’t talked since then’

A woman is fed up with her sibling who’s constantly tricking her into babysitting. 

She explained the situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. While attending college, she lived with her older sister, brother-in-law and their two children. The older sister would repeatedly leave the Reddit poster with the kids without asking first. The older sister’s bad behavior eventually resulted in the Reddit poster failing one class. 

“My sister has two kids,” the Reddit poster said. “She and I used to live in the same house while I was obtaining my college degree. She used me for free babysitting while I was studying and had no time. She tried everything like convincing, guilt-tripping sometimes lying. As a result, it affected how I did in college because the kids were a major distraction and prevented me to prepare for my exams. She tricked me into babysitting her kids the day before my exam by asking me to take the kids out to the store to buy candy. Then I got home and she texted me saying she and her husband were going to a friend’s house and I needed to watch the kids. It cost me to fail my exam because one of my nephews hurt his hand and I had to deal with his injury.” 

The Reddit poster eventually moved out and didn’t speak to her older sister as much. 

“Yesterday I was visiting her,” the Reddit poster explained. “She talked about needing a break and a dinner out with her husband but didn’t have anyone to watch the kids. She sat next to me and started asking, ‘don’t you miss the kids?’ I told her ‘nope, I’m good.’ She continued about how I’m being an absent aunt. I flat out told her it’s not really about the kids and that it’s probably an attempt to trick me into babysitting. She looked stunned and said she couldn’t believe this is my reason or excuse to not be involved in her children’s lives. That I needed therapy to deal with my personal issues because sooner or later this will affect my relationship with the kids. I kept it short and left. We haven’t talked since then.”

Reddit users weighed in on the older sister’s request.

“Your sister is highly manipulative,” one person commented

“Sister can deal with her own children,” another said

“Run for the hills and never look back,” a user wrote

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