Woman stunned by sister’s ‘hurtful’ reaction to her pregnancy announcement: ‘I felt ashamed’

A woman who longed to be closer to her older sibling can’t believe how far they’ve drifted apart. 

She went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to share what went down when she announced her pregnancy. The woman’s half-sister is nine years older. Over the years, the big sister has often disappeared without much communication — but when the two sisters are together, they actually have a great bond. However, now the rift between the two siblings seems bigger than ever.

“Last summer I found out I was pregnant,” the younger sister explained. “I called my sister and she didn’t pick up. That was not atypical, but I was so excited after my ultrasound I wanted to tell her right away. Usually, it would take her forever to return a call, if at all, so to peak interest, I sent a link to the ultrasound photos from my appointment by text and excitedly waited. I waited all day for a reply with nothing.”

A day later, the big sister replied but her response wasn’t pleasant. 

“Her response was anger that I would tell her about my pregnancy by text,” the woman said. “I felt ashamed. And embarrassed. But also mad. Mad that it took her days to return a text, but also mad at myself for caring so much about telling someone my happy news who didn’t care. I didn’t reply. And the longer I didn’t reply the harder it got to reply. She never followed up or said another word either. So there it sat for months of silence.”

“In March of this year when I was eight months pregnant with COVID-19 looming, I broke down and sent her a text to ask if she was okay,” she continued. “It took days for her to reply and say she was fine. She didn’t ask how I was. Didn’t say anything about my pregnancy. I was hurt again and didn’t respond. My son was born the next month and I didn’t even bother to tell her.”

The big sister didn’t acknowledge that the baby was born until he was 4 months old and still doesn’t even know the child’s gender. The woman asked Reddit if she should have been the bigger person, and users were happy to share their thoughts.

“Your sister’s actions are confusing to me, but also hurtful,” one person wrote.

“She is not interested in your life, so you are not obliged to give her anything,” someone else commented

“She overreacted,” a third user said.

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