Woman roasts pregnant sister’s list of baby names: ‘I really tried to like at least one’

This pregnant mom’s list of baby names didn’t stand a chance against her hilarious sister.

TikToker @shayymonet couldn’t help but absolutely roast her sister’s list of unconventional baby names. The mom-to-be was trying to figure out what to name her unborn son, and her sister was no help at all. She didn’t like a single name the pregnant mom picked out. 


Reacting to my pregnant sister’s baby name list 😅 it’s okay if I’m mean bc she’s my sister #babynames

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“Reacting to my pregnant sister’s baby name list,” she wrote in the caption

She had some strong feelings about all of the names her sister proposed. But fear not, “It’s OK if I’m mean because she’s my sister,” the TikToker explained in the caption. She reacted as her sister rattled off each of the suggestions. Here are her thoughts on each of the names.

Franklin, Frank or Frankie: “Franklin? That’s gonna be a no from me, dog. Frankie? Super cute. If you name this baby Franklin…” 

Hayes: “Cute, but he would have to be a country singer. No choice.” 

Bentley: “Again — have to be a country singer.” 

Callahan: “I want to like it but… OK, next.” 

Benaiah: “Language of origin?” she asked. Her sister replied, “The Bible,” and they both burst into laughter. 

Halston or Holston: “So like ‘a’ or ‘o’? Next…” 

Declan or Decklan:  “Decklan with a ‘k’ really gets me for some reason. Next.” 

Lynden Bee: “Like Lyndon B. Johnson, the president?” 

Kemper: “Kemper? We’re not doing that one, right?” 

The hilarious video received over 5.7 million views on TikTok. 

“Someone help this poor child,” a user joked

“I can say being British that this is the most American thing I have ever heard,” another wrote

“I really tried to like at least one,” a user responded

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