‘Shook’ sisters discover landlines for the first time: ‘The phone actually works!’

Two sisters had the time of their life with Gen Z’s favorite new obsession: landlines. 

Landlines have become so popular on the app that there’s an entire discover page called “buying an old landline phone” with 3.5 million views. Young people seem to find the throwback vibes and aesthetic to be cool for some reason. But @lmhurd1’s daughters may have had the best reaction of any Zoomer. They were utterly in awe of the fact that the technology worked. 

“POV: You’re seeing a landline phone for the first time. Lol,” the video text said

The girls spotted an old phone on a wall and decided to give it a whirl. 

“It’s actually working,” the older daughter said. “Could I do your number?” 

The mom had to explain that it’s a “real phone,” so dialing a number would result in calling someone. Upstairs, the girls got their hands on another landline phone, which was even more exciting because they got to call each other and talk to each other. 

“Oh my gosh! The phone actually works!” the younger sister said after calling her sibling. 

The two chatted for a second. Then big sis had to demonstrate hanging up. They were stunned when replacing the receiver ended the call on the iPhone. 

The mom added that “the idea that you could slam the phone down so exciting to her” in the comment section and that when she “explained that there was not always caller ID,” her daughters were “shook.” 

The hilarious video racked up 1.8 million views. 

“This is cool to see their excitement. It’s crazy how the younger generation will never experience some of the things we grew up with,” a user wrote

“Omg I thought y’all was in a museum and not someone’s house,” someone joked

“Their genuine excitement definitely reminds me of playing with my grandma’s rotary phone as a kid — now I know why my mom was over me,” a TikToker replied

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