Man enrages family with ‘unfortunate’ vacation plan timing: ‘Who would expect you [to] cancel a huge trip?’

A man doesn’t want to attend his sister’s second wedding

He shared his reasoning on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. His sister got married over Zoom during the pandemic in 2020. Recently, she announced she would be having an in-person wedding. The issue is the new wedding date conflicts with a prior engagement he made with friends. When he told his sister he wouldn’t attend, the whole family became upset.

“My sister was supposed to get married summer 2020 and it got postponed for obvious reasons,” he wrote. “They ended up having a zoom wedding. Now that everyone is vaccinated and things are opened up they want to have a real wedding in July. The weekend they’ve chosen I have plans with my wife to visit our college friends who live far away. When we got the invite I saw the dates conflicted so I told her sorry but I can’t wait to see the pictures. That did not go over well. Now she and my parents are giving me a lot of grief about it. In my mind, I was already there for their wedding and sent a very generous gift and everything.”  

He felt it was already too late to cancel since he would lose money if he did.

“We’ve booked flights and accommodations with a group of six, which was our complete main friend group in college,” he explained. “My wife really misses all of them. We might be able to get the flights exchanged but the accommodations, we’d only be able to get an 80 percent refund total. So everyone else would lose 20 percent too or have to find a random couple to take our spot.”

Reddit users thought the poster’s refusal to attend was justified.

“It’s unfortunate that the date changed, but he had already booked things with his wife and other people,” someone wrote

“Who would expect you to cancel a huge trip you’ve preplanned and paid for to attend a wedding with less than two months notice?” another asked

“If it was important to her for him to be there, she should have checked the dates with him first,” a user stated

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