Skin care best sellers are as low as $1.50 during Peach & Lily’s summer sale event

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Korean skin care products are some of the most trusted on the market. Given K-Beauty‘s extensive use of calming, fermented and fragrance-free ingredients, it comes as no surprise they have created a cult following over the past few years.

One of the most well-known Korean skin care retailers is Peach & Lily. Known mostly as the makers of the massively popular Glass Skin Refining Serum, the woman-owned brand is a leader in the K-Beauty market. In fact, in addition to its in-house product collection, Peach & Lily carries a ton of best-selling products from other K-Beauty brands — and now through July 5, a bunch of them are up to 50% off during the brand’s Big Summer Sale event.

Making your shopping experience as easy as possible, Peach & Lily even broke down each product into five price tiers:

  • Under $5
  • Under $10
  • Under $20
  • Under $35
  • Luxe Picks

From fun sheet masks and lip balms to cleansers, serums and moisturizers, there’s so much to choose from. Also, what’s even more impressive is that all prices range from $1.50 to $63. So, that means even the products categorized as “Luxe” are actually affordable.

There are some pretty major deals included in this sale that you likely won’t get any other time of year. For starters, all of the sheet masks (calming, brightening, travel and more) in the “Under $5” category cost between $1.50 and $3.

The most substantial deals, however, are in the “Under $20,” “Under $35” and “Luxe Picks” categories. For example, the best-selling Peach & Lily Collection KBeauty Rescue Balm is $13 off, bringing its sale price down to just $15. Also, the cult-favorite and deeply moisturizing May Coop Raw Sauce gentle toner is $10 off.

Eco Your Skin’s Moisture Wall Surge, the most expensive product of the bunch, is also the most discounted. During this sale, it’s $24 off, bringing its sale price down to just $56.

Shop our favorites from this epic sale below.

Under $5

Peach Slices Calm Mask, $1.50 (Orig. $2.49)

Credit: Peach & Lily

The Peach Slices Calm Mask works to instantly restore and soothe the skin. It also has a blend of jasmine and chamomile to balance out the skin after any irritation.

Peach & Lily Original Glow Sheet Mask, $3 (Orig. $6)

Credit: Peach & Lily

Peach & Lily’s Original Glow Sheet Mask is a best seller among shoppers. It gives you ultra-hydrated skin and makes you look well-rested and glowy.

Peach Slices Travel Mask, $1.75 (Orig. $2.49)

Credit: Peach & Lily

If you have jet-lagged skin or are just trying to escape from a busy life, the Peach Slices Travel Mask is right up your alley. It’s packed with a unique blend of bamboo water, Centella Asiatica extract, camellia leaf extract and aloe to hydrate and soothe tired skin.

Peach Slices Banana Ice Cream Sheet Mask, $1.50 (Orig. $3.49)

Credit: Peach & Lily

Lastly, why not give your skin a bit of a treat. The Peach Slices Banana Ice Cream Sheet Mask is like dessert for your face. It uses milk protein to help soften and nourish the skin, while banana extract helps revitalize the skin.

Under $10

Peach Slices Stawberry Beary Balm, $6 (Orig. $7.99)

Credit: Peach & Lily

Could there possibly be a cuter way to keep your lips soothed, hydrated and protected? The Peach Slices Strawberry Beary Balm comes in an adorable package and is packed with coconut and jojoba oils, Vitamin E and strawberry and blackberry extracts.

Peach Slices Peach Pudding Makeup Cleanser, $8.50 (Orig. $9.99)

Credit: Peach & Lily

It’s extremely important to take your makeup off every day, and the most thorough way to do so is with a cleansing balm. The affordable Peach Slices Peach Pudding Makeup Cleanser is deeply cleansing, nourishing and creamy, so it dissolves your makeup and cleanser the skin without tugging, and doesn’t leave a greasy residue.

Peach Slices Starlit Glow Highlighting Moisturizer, $10 (Orig. $11.99)

Credit: Peach & Lily

Summer’s in full swing, so push the heavy moisturizers to the back and grab something lightweight for everyday use. The Peach Slices Starlit Glow Highlighting Moisturizer fits the bill perfectly as is hydrating, blendable and extremely lightweight while keeping you glowy throughout the day.

Peach Slices Lilac Crystal Brightening Shimmer Peel-Off Mask, $8 (Orig. $9.99)

Credit: Peach & Lily

Peel-off masks aren’t just trendy — when formulated correctly, they really work. The Peach Slices Lilac Crystal Brightening Shimmer Peel-Off Mask is a “brightening speedy treatment” that’s packed with a bunch of incredible ingredients like lilac extract, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, peptides and diamond powder.

Under $20

Aromatica Tea Tree Balancing Foaming Cleanser, $20 (Orig. $22)

Credit: Peach & Lily

Finding the right cleanser for your skin is crucial and shoppers love the Aromatica Tea Tree Balancing Foaming Cleanser as it’s gentle and formulated with USDA organic aloe vera and tea tree oil to effectively remove dirt and makeup with ease.

Aromatica Organic Aloe Vera Gel, $11 (Orig. $15)

Credit: Peach & Lily

Aloe Vera gel is one of the most effective ingredients for calming and soothing irritated skin. This one from Aromatica is one of the brand’s best-selling products and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and calmed, especially after sun damage.

Peach & Lily Collection KBeauty Rescue Balm, $15 (Orig. $28)

Credit: Peach & Lily

If you’re having a skin S.O.S. moment, the Peach & Lily Collection KBeauty Rescue Balm is what you should reach for. It’s universal, so it can be used on the face or anywhere on the body that needs a little extra love.

Tosowoong Propolis Sparkle Ampoule, $20 (Orig. $29)

Credit: Peach & Lily

Sensitive skin can be a pain, but when you find the right products that work, it’s like love at first sight. The Tosowoong Propolis Sparkle Ampoule hydrates and nourishes the skin without irritation since it’s paraben-free. Think of it as a more effective and concentrated serum.

Under $35

May Coop Raw Sauce, $33 (Orig. $43)

Credit: Peach & Lily

Chances are you’ve already heard of this product. Thousands of K-Beauty enthusiasts swear by this stuff. Made with 93% maple tree sap, the May Coop Raw Sauce is a gentle toner, emulsion and essence all in one. So, it intensively — and I mean intensively — hydrates and nourishes your skin, making it a game-changer for dry skin.

Peach & Lily Collection Glass Skin Veil Mist, $23 (Orig. $29)

Credit: Peach & Lily

If you’re looking for something a bit more lightweight, the award-winning Peach & Lily Collection Glass Skin Veil Mist is definitely the one to buy. Anywhere and anytime you need a bit more moisture, just spray your face with this super-fine mist and you’ll feel instant relief and calmness.

The Pure Lotus Jeju Botanical pH Balancing Cleanser, $29 (Orig. $39)

Credit: Peach & Lily

The Pure Lotus Jeju Botanical pH Balancing Cleanser is another award-winning K-Beauty product. It’s sulfate-free and boasts the brand’s unique Jeju Botanical Complex Extract to invigorate tired skin while getting rid of dirt, grime and makeup.

Banila Co. Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm, Purifying, $22 (Orig. $24)

Credit: Peach & Lily

As far as cleansing balms go, the best-selling Clean It Zero is in so many folks’ top three. It literally feels like sherbet and quickly dissolves to melt away any makeup, sunscreen or grime on the skin.

Luxe Picks

Shangpree Diamond Luminous Cream, $40 (Orig. $47)

Credit: Peach & Lily

Isn’t this packaging absolutely gorgeous? Beautiful presentation aside, the Shangpree Diamond Luminous Cream is luxury in a bottle. It immediately rejuvenates the skin and is perfect for those struggling with dark spots, hyperpigmentation or an uneven complexion.

Eco Your Skin Volufiline15 Eye Essence, $63 (Orig. $70)

Credit: Peach & Lily

Plump up any fine lines, wrinkles or crow’s feet with this dedicated under-eye treatment. The Eco Your Skin Volufiline15 Eye Essence is a luxurious silky gel that helps promote collagen production so the skin retains more bounce and elasticity.

The Pure Lotus Jeju Lotus Leaf Revitalizing Cream, $40 (Orig. $54)

Credit: Peach & Lily

The Pure Lotus Jeju Lotus Leaf Revitalizing Cream is “buttery soft” and sinks into the skin super-quickly. It leaves your face supple and moisturized without feeling tacky or sticky. Also, it soothes your skin the more you use it as it’s packed with lotus leaf extract, chamomile and more calming ingredients.

Eco Your Skin Moisture Wall Surge, $56 (Orig. $80)

Credit: Peach & Lily

Lastly, the priciest item of the bunch, the Eco Your Skin Moisture Wall Surge, is on super-sale. Known as the “water barrier cream,” this gel cream is light but full of naturally soothing ingredients like aloe vera, avocado and ceramides. It’s perfect for both dry and sensitive skin and creates an oil-water protective shield to lock in moisture up to 72 hours longer than a regular moisturizer.

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