TikTokers are making ‘skincare smoothies’ in Sephora, and employees hate it

A new beauty trend is sweeping TikTok, but not everyone’s happy about it. Apparently, some people are heading into their local Sephora stores to make “skincare smoothies” by mixing together various product samples — and they’re making an absolute mess of things while they’re at it.

In case you’re already lost, the process typically involves using high-end beauty products such as facial serums, retinol creams and other rich lotions.

According to Distractify, the term “skincare smoothie” was initially coined by the beauty experts at Drunk Elephant last year, which is why most of the mixtures involve their products. (You can even look up some popular recipes here on the brand’s website.)

That said, a skin care smoothie is really no different than a typical breakfast smoothie in that you can blend together whatever products you like — from whatever brands you prefer — to achieve the desired effect.

When you’re mixing one of these “smoothies” at home, you can be as creative and unbridled as you’d like. After all, who cares if you totally destroy your bathroom by pulling out all your favorite products and making a mess as you experiment? In the end, the person who has to clean it all up is you.

But now that beauty lovers are trying to recreate these smoothies in-store for free, things are getting a bit dicey.

In fact, workers at Sephora and even Ulta stores are apparently getting fed up by the messes that customers leave behind after trying out the new trend. In fact, one Sephora worker recently vented about this in a since-deleted TikTok.


Ty all for the support and bringing attention to this issue for retail workers. And thank you @drunkelephant for adressing this trend. Keep makin those smoothies, just make sure you clean up afterwards. Ive had so much fun making tik toks since my video went viral. I hope yall stick around for more content.#fyp #viral #drunkelephant #ulta #sephora #skincaresmoothie

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“This was all within the first three hours of my shift,” @nanners reportedly said in the post. “Y’all have to stop.”

According to Distractify, a slew of other people chimed in about this as well before the original video was made private.

“People have no training,” one person reportedly said. “They shouldn’t go in public.”

“I literally saw a girl get yelled at for doing this today at my local Sephora lol,” added another.

“As a Sephora employee, I be cleaning those ‘smoothies’ ALL SHIFT LONG,” someone else complained.

Apparently, the situation has gotten so bad that it recently came to the attention of Drunk Elephant. In fact, the brand issued a gentle reminder to its customers in its own TikTok, posted on Jan. 24.


Hey kids! You know we love to see you mixing your favorite skincare smoothies, and when you’re done… you know what to do! #cleanup #sephora #ulta #drunkelephantsmoothie

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“Hey kids!” the caption read. “You know we love to see you mixing your favorite skincare smoothies, and when you’re done … you know what to do! #cleanup.”

Here’s hoping the message spreads.

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