Woman shares mortifying job interview mishap in viral TikTok

A job applicant shared a mortifying flub on TikTok after discovering she had been recording herself complaining about the company in a video interview segment that could not be retaped.

In the video, Chaylene Martinez, the job applicant in question, is seen on the phone with a male friend, discussing one of SkyWest Airlines’ video interview questions, unaware that she had already begun recording her only take.

“The question is the stupidest, cheesiest question I’ve ever read in my life,” Martinez, who was applying to be a flight attendant with the regional airline, says on the call. “What is your impression of SkyWest company culture, and how does that resonate with you?”

She continues to spitball ideas about the company’s mission statement, saying to her friend, “I can’t word this properly… and you have to record yourself saying it, so it’s so awkward.”

Eventually, Martinez looks back at her computer screen to discover that she was recording her entire private phone call through the company’s interview portal and was not able to redo it.

“I’m so sorry,” says a shocked Martinez. “I didn’t realize it was recording. I was practicing. So I was going to say, ‘Sorry.'”


def not getting the job. sorry skywest #hireme #flightattendant #skywestairlines @SkyWest Airlines

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“Doing a video interview that you only get once chance to get right … accidentally started recording too early,” Martinez’s on-screen caption reads. The video has been viewed over 7 million times since posting on Jan. 27.

The awkward but relatable interview moment sent TikTokers into a frenzy.

“The ‘sorry’ when she knew it was just too far gone,” one user commented.

“I work for SkyWest, and this made its way to the SkyWest [Facebook] page, and let me just tell you every comment is all of us saying, ‘PLEASE hire her,'” wrote a flight attendant named Abrienne, who seems to work for the company.

“I think she should still get the job!” wrote another TikTok user.

Martinez later shared a follow-up video where she expressed embarrassment that her viral video inadvertently let her current colleagues know she is searching for another job.

In the comments, Martinez confirmed that SkyWest ghosted her after her botched interview.

Worry not, Chaylene. When it comes to other jobs, there are plenty of planes in the sky. Er — fish in the sea, that is.

Martinez did not immediately return In The Know’s request for comment.

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