Sleek entertainment center transforms into home office at the push of the button

The company Ori wants to transform any small space into a workroom with its product, Pocket Office. 

The Pocket Office is a collapsible, robotic office space designed to suit apartment renters and owners or anyone looking to save some extra room. 

On the outside, the structure is a sleek, entertainment center with a few shelves and a television. But at the push of a button, the unit expands to reveal a complete workstation on the inside. When you no longer want to work, the ultra-quiet, automated track system slides the Pocket Office closed. 

“For the millions of us who have abruptly shifted to working from home and homeschooling, we wanted to create a spatial solution that was elegant, flexible and practical. Working from home seems like it’s here to stay, which means that we all will be demanding more from our spaces,” Hasier Larrea, founder and CEO of Ori, said in a press release

The Pocket Office includes two desk options (standing and sitting), storage shelves and cabinets power sources and enough space for an office chair and extra monitors. 

“Temporary office setups can feel like they are ‘borrowing space’ from some other function of the apartment and make us feel like we can’t get away from our work,” Larrea said. “The Pocket Office was created to be a productivity refuge, giving us dedicated space to focus and get work done, but also allowing us to physically, mentally and emotionally ‘close up shop’ for the day, giving us all back our personal time and space.”

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