Um, why aren’t you sleeping with a silk pillowcase yet?

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Like most people, I stocked my first grown-up apartment after college full of affordable items: Amazon Basics kitchen pans, a funhouse mirror from the 99 cent store (IYKYK) and a sheet set that cost about as much as a large oat milk latte. It wasn’t luxurious, but it was life.

So, when I signed a lease with my boyfriend for our very first apartment a few years later, I knew I wanted to elevate my home goods game. After all, I had a promotion and a little more money under my belt, so I might as well put it to good use. The first thing to go? Those cheap pillowcases caked in years of sweat and product buildup that no power wash could get out.

Enter Slip silk pillowcases. Obviously, I had heard about the beauty benefits of sleeping with a silk pillowcase (more on that down below), but I wasn’t prepared for how much joy this little piece of fabric would bring me.

Slip Pure Silk Pillowcase, $89

Credit: Nordstrom

So, why am I pushing a silk pillowcase that’s nearly $100? Well, the silk fibers of the pillowcase are significantly less absorbent than standard cotton pillowcases. Because of this, the fibers help keep your skin’s moisture balance in check and your hair detangled, thanks to the lack of friction happening. Think about it, we (allegedly) spend eight hours on our pillowcases every night. Shouldn’t they at least be doing something for us?

Even if it didn’t have all of those beauty benefits, I would still be a silk pillowcase evangelist — thanks to the instant shot of serotonin I get every time I rest my head to sleep. Not only does it look super fancy, but it also looks like I actually have my life together. Every morning when my alarm goes off, I swear the Slip pillowcase whispers in my ear, “You got this, Sarah. Go get ’em.” “Thank you and I love you,” I whisper back.

If you’re not into the cream pictured above, you can buy the pillowcase in eight different colorways to match your sheet set and vibe. Check out this dreamy navy!

Slip Pure Silk Pillowcase, $89

Credit: Nordstrom

Fair warning, handle it with care. I always wash my pillowcase in a delicates bag, set to the delicate cycle and then air dry it on a drying rack. It’s easier than it sounds, though!

If you’re on the hunt for something that will add a little more luxe to your life and ease to your beauty routine, or you just really need to upgrade from that stained IKEA pillowcase you bought when you were young, dumb and broke, I really cannot recommend this pillowcase enough.

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