TikTok users share moments of clarity with this new sound: ‘It’s like a slap in the face’

This viral sound on TikTok is helping users snap out of their fantasies and back into reality.

The song keeping users on the ground is “End of Line” by Daft Punk. The electronic music duo created the song for the soundtrack to Disney’s Tron: Legacy. However, the version circulating TikTok is a slowed-down arrangement credited to @_king_dingus_

Currently, the audio has over 16,000 videos attached to it. It’s also available on Spotify, belonging to forreally and garnering over 2.2 million listens on the streaming service. 

It starts the same way as the song’s original version before transitioning into the slowed-down version. For users posting the videos, the epiphanies happen during the slowed-down part of the song. 

“It’s like a slap in the face,” said @chrischarp7 in response to @kailsyeah’s moment of clarity. 

Since the song has no lyrics, it’s easy to see the disappointment on people’s faces once the realization hits. 

Other commenters also recognize just how jarring a moment like this can be. 

“This sound is the BEST description of it. Feels like ur whole stomach just completely detaches and ur brain goes numb,” said @ilovespring0nions.

These moments don’t just happen in relationship settings, either. TikTokers have had their proverbial glass shattered in several different mediums. 

“Eggs, the first half is always so good. Then it’s the most repulsive thing,” said @inkycare.

Disappointment seems to be running rampant on TikTok, and this sound is the proof. From food to relationships to finding out how long your hair truly is, TikTokers are getting jolted back into the truth. 

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