New Yorker stuns TikTok with tour inside one of the city’s ‘smallest’ apartments

A TikToker went viral with a video tour of what he calls the smallest apartment in New York City.

The clip comes from a user named AJ (@ajwebber), who drew over 10 million views in just one day. In his video, he calls his apartment the city’s “smallest,” and while it’s certainly tiny, that’s likely not the case.

In fact, tons of New Yorkers have shared similar claims throughout the past year, as apartment tours have blown up on the app. In August, a user shared a video of their “nauseating” Manhattan apartment, which featured an “impossible” hallway for moving in furniture. Previously, a New Yorker revealed how they live in a 170-square-foot “micro-studio.”

AJ’s place might not be the smallest in the city, but it’s got all kinds of weird quirks. He began his tour by showing how his front door opens directly to a sink, a feature that reminded many viewers of a dorm room.

“Whatever your expectations are, lower them,” AJ says as he starts the tour.

From there, he reveals “the kitchen,” which is little more than a mini-fridge and two small cabinets. Then, he shows off his bunk bed — which he uses as a “living space” — and his “closet,” which is mostly just a few shelves and some hangers.

TikTok users were astounded by the tiny space and immediately chimed in with tons of questions.

“Why do people live like this just to live in New York?” one user asked.

“This is half a dorm room,” another wrote.

“Where’s the bathroom?” another asked.

AJ answered that last question in a follow-up video, where he revealed that there’s a “communal bathroom” shared by several units on his floor. Additionally, residents allegedly must bring their own soap and toilet paper.


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