Smart beehive can reduce the labor that goes into harvesting honey by 70 percent

Beekeeping is necessary work to save the at-risk species, but it can be labor-intensive and requires expertise. A Kickstarter by Daesung called SmartHive aims to make beekeeping easier and thus, more accessible.

SmartHive simplifies honey harvesting with its automated beekeeping system. According to Daesung, 80 percent of beekeeping is manual labor and the SmartHive can reduce that by 70 percent.

“Choose your tools wisely, the automated device takes care of all the busy work! The only thing the beekeeper needs to do is simply collect the honeycomb from the hive controller,” said Hyuk Jeong, founder of Daesung, in a press release.

The hive controller is the SmartHive’s automated system. All users have to do is insert the hive controller into the hive box. Then at the push of a button, the device picks up each honeycomb and safely brushes away any bees for the beekeeper to grab.

Daesung claims the SmartHive can increase honey production by 50 percent, reduce labor by 50 percent and save time by 72.2 percent.

Beekeepers usually require a more arduous process for honeycomb removal. Bee colonies typically are placed in hive boxes, like the SmartHive, with pre-formed honeycombs made of slabs of wood. Bees then go about their usual business and fill the manmade honeycombs. But in order to remove the honeycombs, beekeepers have two methods.

One way is with a non-toxic fume board sprayed with a solution that repels the bees. The scent causes them to fly away from the honeycomb making it easier to remove. The other process requires filling the hive box with smoke to pacify the colony. But the tedious process can also affect the flavor of the honey.

Pushing a button with Smarthive definitely sounds a lot more efficient.

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