Is this $300 ‘smart toaster’ really worth the hype? To find out, we tried it ourselves

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The Revolution smart toaster oven is TikTok’s new favorite kitchen gadget — but is it really worth the price tag?

Users on the app swear by the high-speed, high-tech toaster, which has more settings than an air fryer, an Instant Pot and a microwave combined. The device will even slowly lift your toast up for you — no popping necessary.

Shop: Revolution R180 High Speed Smart Toaster, $299.95

Credit: Revolution

TikTokers have endlessly praised the R180 as the “toaster from the future.” Others meanwhile, have asked the $300 question: Is it really worth that much?

The smart toaster oven has a built-in timer, which can change seamlessly based on food item, starting temperature and intended toastiness. It also has advanced presets for five different breakfast staples: Pop-Tarts, toast, bagels, English muffins and waffles.

So, to see how good the Revolution smart toaster really is, we put it to the test by making all five of those items. Then, we compared them to five other gadgets in our kitchen to see if we could beat it.

Here’s what happened next.

Is the Revolution smart toaster oven worth it? Here’s our take

First up, our contenders. We compared the smart toaster against five kitchen appliances: We made Pop-Tarts with a blowtorch (Pop-Tart brûlée, anyone?), fried toast in a skillet, cooked bagels in an oven, heated the English muffins in a regular toaster oven and finally, microwaved our frozen Eggo waffles.

Here’s how the toaster compared to our all-out kitchen arsenal.

Price: Again, the smart toaster costs a lot, but not much more than all five of our alternatives combined. Those items totaled $280, vs. $300 for the Revolution gadget.

Speed: With the smart toaster, we made our five items in 9 minutes, 54 seconds. That was a heck of a lot faster than our other methods, which took a combined 21 minutes, 17 seconds.

Toastiness: Our final and most-important point of comparison. The Revolution smart toaster runs a little hot — it’s best to set the temperature at a level or two below what you want — but once you figure that out, it works great. Meanwhile, a few of our other methods (looking at you, blowtorch) were harder to regulate.

So there you have it. The smart toaster is expensive, sure, but it’s also faster and more accurate than almost every other appliance in our kitchen. Is it worth the money then? That all depends on how important breakfast is to you.

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