Shoppers love this $40 smartwatch that has a built-in pulse oximeter

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Today, owning just a regular wristwatch, while stylish, is “so yesterday.” Now, folks are adding more advanced wearable tech to their wrists with smartwatches and activity trackers that receive text messages, make calls, count steps and even monitor their health.

While the Apple Watch is, by far, the most popular and widely used smartwatch on the market, not everyone can afford one. With this in mind, several brands have created cheaper alternatives that perform similar (and sometimes more) functions to the Apple product. And shoppers say this Letsfit smartwatch with a built-in pulse oximeter is the one to get.

Shop: Letsfit Smartwatch And Fitness Tracker With Blood Oxygen Saturation & Heart Rate Monitor, $39.99

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What is a pulse oximeter?

Firstly, you’re probably wondering what a pulse oximeter is. According to Healthline, a pulse oximeter is “a small, clip-like device that attaches to a body part, like toes or an earlobe.” It is, however, “most commonly put on a finger.”

Today, smartwatch brands add pulse oximeter features and technology to their products and reflect those readings via an app.

The demand for pulse oximeters have, in fact, significantly increased as the COVID-19 pandemic gained momentum — and they’ve been selling out everywhere. Learn more about the pulse oximeter and its relation to COVID-19 here.

Credit: Amazon

How does it compare to the Apple Watch?

Apple Watches cost upwards of $300. So, when shoppers find smartwatches that fellow shoppers say perform just as well, if not better, they jump at the opportunity. The Letsfit smartwatch costs only $40 and several reviewers love that it works out “well in place of the Apple Watch.”

In addition to performing all the standard smartwatch tasks like displaying text messages, music playlists and incoming calls, this watch features all-day activity tracking and even tracks your sleep and blood oxygen saturation levels.

Folks have even discovered that pulse oximeters may be the best means of monitoring two of the body’s most basic vitals: heart rate and blood oxygen levels — and the Letsfit smartwatch includes both.

What do shoppers think?

Shoppers generally agree that this smartwatch is one of the best affordable options that encompasses all the functions premium smartwatches have today.

“After giving it some time, it’s a really good watch for the price,” one five-star reviewer wrote. “It tracks heart rate and sleep time, can get the O2 content, monitors my heart rate and reminds me that I am being lazy.”

Shoppers even say it gives one of the most accurate pulse oximeter readings possible for a smartwatch.

“This is the first smartwatch that I found has given me a fairly accurate pulse oximeter reading,” one impressed shopper wrote. “This has been especially helpful for work as I’ve been able to put it on different patients as we’re doing activities.”

Shoppers stress, however, that while the Letsfit smartwatch is impressive, it is not an Apple Watch in design — though it looks similar. They do say, however, that it gives it a real run for its money.

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