Is this smoothie hack ‘genius’ or ‘terrifying?’ TikTok users are torn

In many ways, smoothies are about efficiency. Done right, the drinks manage to squeeze as many nutrients as possible into a few tolerable gulps.

It seems like one TikTok user, named steel.jobe, has found a way to make that process even more efficient.

His innovation: Just bite the veggies straight into the blender.


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The video, which has drawn nearly 4 million views on TikTok, shows steel.jobe gnawing into a carrot as he stands over his blender. He then releases the “cut” veggies straight into his smoothie.

Technically, the “hack” removes the need for any knives and the time it may take to take out a cutting board to chop up ingredients. Of course, the cost of that efficiency is giving up the ability to look like a normal human being in your own kitchen.

TikTok users seemed to have mixed feelings about the concept. Some were legitimately praiseworthy, calling it “genius.”

“OK but he’s got a point,” one user wrote.


“Work smarter not harder,” another added.

Others, meanwhile, said the hack was “terrifying” or way too “aggressive.”

“I’m calling the police,” one user wrote.

“How can I love and hate this at the same time?” another asked.

A few TikTokers also questioned whether the hack was even necessary, considering the fact that the blender would cut up the carrots anyway.

Of course, cutting the veggies in advance certainly makes the blending go faster, but it’s also possible steel.jobe was just going for style points.

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