Here’s what the abbreviation SMT means

Thanks to social media, there’s no shortage of hip acronyms and new slang to learn. 

To make matters even more overwhelming, sometimes these new words can have multiple meanings. The term “smt” has a different connotation in different contexts and even in different fandoms. Sometimes it’s an abbreviation and other times it’s an acronym. This is what “smt” means all over the web. 

What does “smt” mean on TikTok?

Usually, if someone writes “smt” in a caption or comment, they’re abbreviating the word “something.” 

“Smt abt underage teens publicly posting pics or vids of them drinking makes me cringe,” a user said on Twitter

SMT’s meaning as an acronym 

However, if the letters are uppercase, as in SMT, like an acronym the meaning could be different. SMT often means “sucking my teeth.” It’s a way of expressing the gesture of frustration in a text post. 

On Instagram, SMT stands for “send me this.” Anime fans may however recognize SMT as shorthand for the video game series Shin Megami Tensei. 

“SMT players be like ‘yeah this game is really good’ and then proceed to not have fun for 50 hours,” @nahoshu_q wrote in a tweet

Meanwhile, K-Pop fans will know SMT as the nickname of the pop group SM Town. 

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