TikTok loves these ‘finger chopsticks’ for snacking and gaming at the same time (without getting the keyboard dirty)

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Snacking and gaming go hand in hand. Actually, snacking and doing anything is my favorite combo. However, if I snack while working, I constantly have to wash my hands or wipe them off to keep my keyboard clean. That said, you can take a full snack break or, as my boyfriend lovingly suggested after seeing them on TikTok, get these finger chopsticks.

SNACKTIV, $14.99

Credit: Amazon

This is multitasking at its finest! You can keep typing or gaming with clean hands when using finger chopsticks to snack simultaneously. They’re especially great for cheesy or greasy foods. Essentially, these chopsticks sit on top of your fingers like a pair of tweezers. They have soft, flexible slots you put your index and middle fingers into, and when you pull your fingers together, you pull the chopsticks together. This is the same simple motion you’d make to pick something (aka a snack) up. Just take a look at TikToker and oral surgeon @doctorgraves demonstrate using them.

If you’re not on TikTok, but you swear you’ve seen these before, you might have. There are quite a few copycats on Amazon, but the original contraption is called SNACKTIV, and the brand was on Shark Tank.

“It streamlines snacking and keeps your hands and devices clean while you’re working, gaming, typing, texting or swiping,” co-founder Edwin Cho explained to the investors. “It’s like having an extra pair of fingers.”

SNACKTIV received offers from Kevin O’Leary (Mr. Wonderful), Kevin Hart and Lori Greiner, and the business chose to work with the latter two together.

Now, you can get SNACTIV on Amazon for $14.99. They’re easy to use and clean, and they will keep your devices mess-free. Are they a little silly? Yes. However, are they also extremely useful? You bet.

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