Toddler takes snails for a joy ride on his scooter in adorable TikTok

This toddler decided to take a couple of snails for a ride on his scooter and it couldn’t be more adorable!

Kathryn (@kathrynayalaa) is a mom and TikToker who shares adorable videos of her toddler son, Hans. Like many toddlers, Hans enjoys spending time outside riding his scooter. But in a recent video, Hans surprised his mom by taking a couple of snails for a scooter ride! The cute video racked up over a million views and had TikTokers cracking up. 

The video begins with a shot of Hans wearing a colorful raincoat. The toddler walks down the sidewalk on a rainy day, pushing a bright blue scooter. At first, it appears that Hans is simply tired of riding the scooter and is taking a break by pushing the scooter along beside him.

As Hans pushes the scooter, viral TikTok audio begins to play, saying, “Do you ever look at someone and wonder what is going on inside their head?”

As Hans continues to walk, it becomes clear that Hans is not simply pushing his scooter. Instead, the toddler picked up a couple of unexpected passengers! Atop the blue scooter, sit two tiny snails, enjoying the ride. 

The camera zooms in to get a closer look at Hans’ tiny passengers. The two snails sit a few inches away from each other and are completely motionless as they go for their scooter ride. 

The camera zooms back out to reveal Hans again and the video ends as Hans stops walking and looks behind him, perhaps looking for more tiny friends to take for a joyride. 

Viewers were cracking up at Kathryn’s hilarious video. 

“God, I needed to see some scootering snails today!” one TikToker wrote. 

“Those snails are going to be talking about the time they went racing their whole lives,” joked another viewer. 

“He’s looking back at the one snail that decided it would be better to walk,” commented another TikToker. 

Hans certainly gave the snails a scooter ride to remember!

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