12-foot snake spotted in Thailand hotel swimming pool

A 12-foot snake may have thrown a hissy fit when it was escorted out of a resort in Thailand. 

TikToker @elisabethelektra posted footage of the incident that happened while she was on holiday. The massive snake shocked patrons when it decided to take a dip in the hotel’s swimming pool. Hey, even reptiles deserve some rest and relaxation for the new year. 

Guests crowded around to watch the giant black snake wriggle around the illuminated green pool. Staff members toiled away with long nets to try to remove the snake. 

Eventually, the staff rescued the creature and moved it to safety. 

“One of them stroked its head as they took it away to reassure it,” the video text stated

TikTokers thought the situation was hilarious and applauded the snake for having a self-care day. 

“Unless there is a sign that says ‘No snakes allowed,’ I don’t see any problem,” a user wrote

“The snake is also on a vacation,” a person joked

“What is he trying to achieve with that tiny net?” someone asked

“That snake is straight up vibing out,” a TikToker replied

“He paid for all inclusive and late checkout,” another added

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