What color are these sneakers?

A pair of Nike trainers are dividing the internet, all because people can’t agree on what color they actually are.

Back in January, an image of the sneakers began circulating on Twitter with the question: “Do you see black or white trainers here?”

Credit: Twitter

At the time, Twitter users couldn’t agree on what color the shoes actually were — and eventually the optical illusion was forgotten about.

However, on Sept. 21, TikTok user Kaile’a Kini resurfaced the photo after her and her husband couldn’t agree on what color the shoes were, either.


Okay. Wait. Seriously tho….. WHAT 😂 #helpus

♬ Black or White Shoe – Kaile’a Kini

“Someone please help us out,” she begged fellow TikTok users. “I see black, a black shoe and the white logos.

“And what do you see?” she then asks her husband.

“Just, it’s white,” he replies. “It’s a white shoe.”

TikTok users were equally divided in the comments.

“I saw black first but then white,” one person said.

“Y’all are colorblind it’s literally white shoes in the dark,” another added.

“Man I first saw black and then white now I can’t see black no more,” a third person commented.

Many people speculated that the shoe is actually white with reflective logos, which is what is causing it to look black to some people — and they might be right.

Credit: Twitter

Back in January when the shoe first went viral, Metro did some digging and found this pair of white trainers which seem to have the same exact Louis Vuitton logos. Sorry, black trainer truthers: It looks like they might be white after all.

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