Sneaky baby fake cries to trick Dad into staying home with her: ‘Wait for this phony’

This clever toddler learned all it takes to get her dad to stay home is some fake crying

Jaden Michaels (@imjadenmichaels) has one sneaky daughter. The country singer posted a TikTok of her daughter pretending to cry in order to get her dad to sit with her longer instead of getting ready to go to work. 

While both parents clearly knew what their daughter was up to, her dad still sat down with his mischievous daughter in the end, succumbing to the cuteness.

The video ends with father and daughter giggling together on the couch. Jaden overlays text onto the scene, playfully typing “She thinks she’s slick!”

Many TikTok users commented that they had experienced similar tactics from their kids.

One user joked, “Uh oh. Wait till she’s a teenager.” 

Another viewer commented, “My daughter is almost two and does this.”

‘I wouldn’t want him to leave either!’

However, a lot of the users were getting distracted by Jaden’s husband, Andrew, and his good looks. 

“I wouldn’t want him to leave either!” was a popular comment on the video. 

Another admirer commented, “I just want to thank all the TikTok wives for sharing their husbands with us.” Proving that for some reason, the dad was just as entertaining as his crying daughter! 

While the video shows an adorable, if crafty, father-daughter moment, what we don’t see is the minutes after the video ends, when Jaden’s husband must inevitably leave a crying baby behind to go to work.

Separation anxiety can be a big hurdle to deal with when it comes to little ones.

According to WebMD, separation anxiety affects 4% – 5% of children ages 7-11 years old in the U.S. Symptoms of separation anxiety include bed-wetting, lasting worry, and repeated temper tantrums.

If a child’s separation anxiety reaches beyond the occasional tantrum, coping options include cognitive behavioral therapy, school intervention, and soothing techniques. 

Jaden and her family approach the issue with a sense of humor, which doesn’t hurt either. 

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