McDonald’s customer stuns TikTok with trick for ordering a ‘secret’ candy-flavored drink

According to TikTok, you can order a Snickers iced coffee at McDonald’s — just don’t expect to find it on the menu.

Instead, the candy-flavored menu item falls in the long tradition of “secret” fast-food menu items. The ever-growing list of “secret” Starbucks drinks is infamous at this point.

That said, McDonald’s hacks are having their own moment. In recent months, users have shared tricks for ordering “espresso milkshakes,” “McFlurry cakes” and even ice cream topped with chili sauce.

This new ordering hack, courtesy of user Sarah Margaret (@sarahmargaretsandlin), shows how to order a Snickers iced coffee at McDonald’s.

“You have to try this,” Margaret says in her clip, which has drawn more than 4 million views.


MCDONALDS SNICKERS ICED COFFEE thank you @secretmenudrinks for this ##mcdonalds ##mcdonaldssecretmenu ##snickers ##snickerscoffee ##mcdonaldshack ##coffee

♬ original sound – Sarah Margaret

In her video, Margaret breaks down how to order the drink in the McDonald’s app.

First, she starts by ordering an iced hazelnut coffee. From there, she clicks “customize ingredients” and adds one pump of chocolate caramel syrup, one pump of chocolate syrup and a topping of whipped cream. Then she adds two servings of caramel drizzle.

In theory, the drink imitates almost every flavor in a Snickers bar — minus the peanuts. Either way, TikTok users seemed largely impressed by the concept.

“I just made this at home omg so good thanks,” one user wrote.

“Oh this looks so good,” another wrote.

“I have to try this one,” another added.

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