A TikToker found Snoop Dogg handing out food at her local fast-food drive-thru

A TikToker is going mega-viral after sharing a video of her run-in with Snoop Dogg at Raising Cane’s.

The video, posted by a user named Belle Nash (@bellenashh), has viewers asking so, so many questions. What was Snoop Dogg doing at a random fast-food restaurant? How long had he been there? How many other customers got chicken fingers from a multi-platinum hip-hop artist?

Nash didn’t have the answer to all of those questions, but she did have some pretty wild footage. In her clip, the TikToker and a friend sit in their car while laughing about the experience.

“Guess who handed us our food?” she asks.

Then, Nash shows the encounter. According to the video, she and her friend placed their orders at Raising Cane’s, a chicken-centric fast-food chain located throughout the South and Midwest. Then, they drove up to the window to get their food.

At the window, they saw none other than the Doggfather himself. Snoop, wearing a drive-thru headset and holding their bags, stopped to pose for the camera.

“Get all this on camera,” Snoop Dogg said, wearing a big smile.

Nash and her friend asked if they could take a picture, and Snoop obliged.

The image, which Nash shared in a subsequent TikTok, shows the musician holding their drinks and smiling through the window.


Reply to @sophiagpatterson1 here queen 🤣🤣

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So much about the scenario is still unclear. It’s possible Snoop was at the restaurant for a promotional reason, considering he does have at least a professional relationship with the chain’s owner, Todd Graves. However, as of Nov. 11, none of the rapper’s social media pages promoted his appearance there.

Meanwhile, Bailee Lester (@andreabaileee), the other woman in the car, was able to share some context. Lester told In The Know that she and Nash go to Cane’s “all the time,” so they weren’t expecting anything bizarre when they pulled up. However, once they got in the drive-thru lane, they started seeing cameras.

“There was a good line to wait in we were confused why there were that many people there at [3:30 p.m.], but didn’t think too much of it,” Lester said. “We pulled up to the speaker to order and saw a camera — and we just thought it was for the local news … I think I waved.”

As they approached the drive-thru window, they still assumed there wasn’t anything too bizarre going on.

“Snoop wasn’t there yet,” Lester told In The Know. “I turned to [Nash] to say something and I heard someone say, ‘Here you go.’ I turned around thinking it was just a Cane’s worker and I saw it was Snoop Dogg. I literally thought I was dreaming for a hot second.”

Lester said she quickly started screaming when she realized who it was. She added that she still has no clue why Snoop was there in the first place. Ultimately, she’s glad that she and Nash were in the dark.

“I’m so happy we didn’t [know],” she said. “Because it made it even funnier and cooler.”

In The Know reached out to Nash for comment as well.

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