This impressive snow sweeper clears walkways in an instant

A Reddit user dropped a video of a massive “snow brush” in action and the mesmerizing clip went viral.

The footage of the snow sweeper was posted by user @dartmaster6666 in Reddit’s “Specialized Tools” forum. The subreddit is dedicated to unique tools designed for a specific purpose.

The clip actually features a Laski Sweeper ZK 8500. Laski is a Czech Republic-based company that manufactures agricultural equipment.

In the video, a worker pushes the Sweeper — which looks a lot like a lawnmower with a giant spinning brush instead of a blade — down a sidewalk near a parking lot. The brush efficiently sweeps massive chunks of snow from the walkway onto the side of the street. The tool is so effective that the worker quickly clears a path without much effort.

According to Laski, the equipment is designed to sweep snow from the outer edges of surfaces like pavement, parking sites, playgrounds and roads.

Reddit users were largely impressed by the unique snow-sweeping machine.

“How do I get a job where I use that daily?” one user commented

“They used these at my college. We called them ice polishers,” someone else wrote

“A snow blower isn’t going to do the same job. Nor is a shovel. Some people sweep after. This looks like it did a good job,” a third person said.

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